"?I know that it is well with your soul."
III John:2 (RSV)

Opening my eyes, I looked at the clock by my bed. It read 4:00 a.m. In that early morning hour my spirit was singing the well-loved hymn, "It Is Well With My Soul". Over and over I kept hearing those words.

Sleep eluded me, so I crept out from under the warm covers and reached for my Bible on the nightstand. The next few minutes I read and prayed. "It Is Well With My Soul" was still ringing in my ears when I returned to those warm covers a short time later.

I awoke to start my day with that phrase on my mind.

Breakfast over and my husband off to work, I sat down for a few minutes of quiet time. In the stillness of the morning, I asked God if He would give me understanding why my spirit was singing that song.

While I read from III John 2 my spirit was quickened to His answer. "This week you went to your earthly physician, for your annual check-up," God seemed to be explaining. "Your doctor told you it appears you are healthy and all is well with your body. Today, I the Great Physician tell you ? all is well with your soul."

It is very good to hear your earthly physician tell you that all is well with your body. But, how much more precious it is to hear your Heavenly Father utter, "Whatever difficulties lay before you today, even so, it is well with your soul".

Often we find ourselves crying out to God to hasten the hour when our needs will be met and our problems solved.

Next time, listen closely and you may hear these beautiful words in your spirit as God whispers, "Even so, all is well with your soul".

Now, that is real joy!

Melva Cooper, Copyright 2004
Used with permission.