We all fail at times, we all suck at times. But why do I feel I'm failing all the time, falling with no one to catch me?

    There's this God I believe in. He's pretty sweet, He loves me and stuff. But why is there this yearning to be number one? Not with Him, that's oh-so-silly; but what about with someone else? It cuts me up that I'm not number one to anyone, I'm not the best at anything, and it makes me sad because I have no scripture coming to me to help, I just have this blog to write in.

    It starts with this guy. And I'm happy to be talking to him, but even though there's this ocean seperating us, it doesn't make it more important, and I still feel like I'm taken for granted. You know, the "she'll always be there" kinda thing. I won't. Man, I wish he could see. 

    So it makes me think. I don't wanna be sad. It doesn't help me, nor does it help my readers for me to complain. So what do I do? Firstly, I have to remember a conversation with a dear brother who first told me that God loves ME. That's pretty sweet right there, that a God so awesome and powerful as ours could care about me, an insignificant little blip in the continuum of eternity. He sent me His son, and alright, I didn't actually see the guy, but He was also pretty amazing, and He loved me so much, he died for me. He knew me before I was made, and he died safe in the knowledge that because He died, when I got the chance to be born, He could bring me to His arms and hold me there close.

    See, I'm already starting to feel better. There is no one else that should matter to me other than my Lord Jesus Christ. Alright, this guy is kinda nice, but kinda versus AWESOME, SOVEREIGN, MAGNIFICENT! You get the picture. The guy I'm worrying over is also a little blip on the radar screen, and you know what. That's ok. I think sometimes a reminder that God loves us is what we need.

    Do you know He loves YOU? That awe-inspiring, all-powerful creator of all the heavens and the earth, and He loves YOU and wants communion with YOU? That He would send His only son, His most precious self to be humbled, humiliated and ultimately killed for His love for YOU? YOU are that worth it to Him. So remember next time you fail at something. Say that you're sorry you messed up. Lord, I'm sorry that I messed up and got my priorities mixed. Help us to keep those priorities straight Lord God, that we would focus on you and remember you in our troubles. We can always call on you, and ask you to lift our daily burdens, and for this we are truly thankful. We have so many opportunities in life, don't let us overlook them because our eyes are not focused on the one thing that matters Lord. Our relationship with You.