We are more than half way through the month now, so I thought I’d check in with how our month-long break from plastic is going.

Overall, I’d say the goals of our plastic fast are being met. However, we have adapted the rules because living on cash only is complicated and requires organizational time and skills that we apparently don’t have. So instead of never using any of our cards, the limits we’ve been living with are:

  • using the credit card we share only for groceries and gas.
  • I pay for my chiropractor visits on my debit card because my insurance pays directly into our bank account, so the money goes in and out of the same place.
  • we still use cash for personal spending, miscellaneous things we need for the house, and for treats like the pizza we had for dinner last night :)

I am waiting for the last automatic bill payments of the month to go through before I update our budget so we know where we stand for the home stretch of this month. So far things look good though, and I’m happy!

Used With Permission