Over the last week I really enjoyed two separate blog posts that relate to raising boys who don’t fit 100% in the box of what our culture expects from boys. Although really, does anyone fit 100% in any cultural box? I wanted to share them both because I have enjoyed the food for thought and have the luxury of being not in the phase of parenting where Torre’s choices make me uncomfortable. Well, his choices to pull my hair and kick my guts and affectionately gnaw on my shoulder make me uncomfortable, but in a different way. He wears what I dress him in, and today I opted not to buy the pink diaper cover – I am happy to put blue on any future daughters I have, but I just don’t feel like putting pink on my son. If, down the road, he wants to wear sparkles or butterflies or have a princess-themed birthday party (my friend’s four-year-old son’s request), we will have that conversation and I’m not 100% sure how it will go. I am totally okay with him wearing pink, I just don’t want to buy it now when he doesn’t even care (why do I care, when he doesn’t?).

Yikes, this could easily become a long, rambling post. I’ll just say I do like how these moms are handling the kids they have in the stages they’re at.

What I Won’t Tell You About My Ballet Dancing Son @deeper story

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