Dear Rev Tim,

Greetings in the Precious Jesus Name

You should have heard about the terrible earthquake and flooding which brought destruction, damage and death in our country. It seems that trouble has no certain time or place where it will strike, but through it all God is always there. God protected all of us.

As you were aware we had a sad thing happened next day of Christmas in our state. We had earthquake @ 6.45 am in the morning and for it lasted 2 minutes and later followed the tidal waves making a great devastation in our place. Oh it was only 5 kilometres away from our church and orphanage.

spurgeon on leadership book cover

(Note from Pastor Tim:  I met Septer Sanabuky - pictured on the right with his wife - when he and a group of singers from Indonesia ministered at our church in February of 2000.  I have fond memories of the meal we shared at church with the group and the time we spent together the next day showing them some sites around our community. I count it an honor to have gotten to meet such a faithful man who so totally offered his life to and for Jesus Christ.)

spurgeon on leadership book cover

Some years ago there was a documented case in the British Medical Journal about a man who laughed himself well. He actually had a terminal illness, and through the employment of laughter therapy, he allowed his body to successfully fight the disease. While we may grudgingly acknowledge the merit of such a case, for the most part, we find such an incident almost incredible. Can laughter really be that good for us? The Bible definitely supports such a notion.