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Why wife and I recently retweaked our finances in order to put to sleep some consumer debt we have created. So when we were super busy this Christmas time it was that much easier to not send out Christmas cards.

However, yesterday my secretary sent me a beautiful online Christmas card - well more than that it was a musical slide show - that so impressed me I forwarded it to my wife who then used the same site and system to easily create a wonderful greeting for us to send out to our friends and family. It totally fit our budget (free) without looking cheap or kitchy.

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The number of people who care about our opinions can be pretty low and the ones that do care and would give us something for them is even less.

However, the Ipsos I-Say Panel site wants to know what you think and they'll give you a chance to win prizes and earn points for telling them. You might even win $5000.

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Gamehouse is a fun site with so many online games there must be one there for you to enjoy.

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