God has always kept His promises to me--with many a surprising twist or turn along the way. An unexpected vacation to change my life. A career to exceed my plans. A loving husband to fulfill my dreams. Peace in fear, hope in despair, light in darkness--surprises of love you receive when Christ is your Savior and Lord.

Sometimes God's surprises come in little packages.. red-faced, screaming bundles of joy, and that's where my story begins...

At 41 years of age, I welcomed Joey, our first-born child. He was a wonderful, healthy child, and PERFECT--well, almost! We quickly learned the necessary parenting skills--how to late-night feed, diaper a bottom, assemble a toy, and find a baby garage sale!

But the dream wasn't complete. We wanted TWO children, a boy and a girl. So with anticipation, we watched and waited for a little girl to complete our family. And THAT''S where the surprise comes in!

Age 4l quickly passed to 42 and I began to panic. Were we crazy, at our age, to want another child? No, God had placed this dream in our hearts and we would hold on to it.

One Sunday night at church, I felt the Lord definitely impress upon my heart His promise of a baby--a baby girl, I thought--to complete our home. Just two simple words whispered over and over again, deep within my mind and heart--"It's done...it's done...it's DONE!" I shared this awesome promise with my husband. We both cried and rejoiced. Perhaps I was pregnant even now...

In due time I discovered I wasn't! Month after month rolled by in the same discouraging fashion. I cried, prayed and questioned. My dear husband became my "solid rock." He'd say, "If God told you, He will do it IN HIS TIME. He will keep His promise."

But time is running out, I thought. Now I'm 43. Does God remember how old I am?

Still nothing happened. Then one weekend, I felt ill with what I thought was the virus.. My dad, a retired pastor, earnestly prayed for God's deliverance. I soon discovered that in nine months I would be delivered of . . . you guessed it, a blessed little bundle!

After almost two years since God's promise, our joy knew no bounds. Everyone carefully monitored the progress of this 43-year old pregnant woman. Each morning our family gathered to pray, "..and God bless little Aimee and help her to grow."

How I anticipated the coming event! As Baby started growing, I started shopping--for tiny red hair bows, a darling red velvet dress--on sale, how could I resist?

On October 2l, 1984, on our wedding anniversary, it became apparent Baby Bohanon was about to join our family. We sped to the hospital, and after 3 1/2 hours, I heard the doctor say, "Congratulations! You have a baby BOY!"

I was relieved, happy..and STUNNED! Thank God for a healthy baby boy,...but Lord, what about the little girl I thought You were sending? What about the wonderful testimony I've been preparing to tell the world for nine months? I shared my struggles, questions, and tears with my husband; then we prayed, thanking God for Jason, our new baby boy, gladly accepting His will.

Unanswered questions remained, but were soon replaced with a faithful Father's peace and joy. And then I understood. In God's eternal plan and sovereignty, this child was to be Jason, not Aimee. It WAS done! Jason had been in God's heart and mind long before my plea, the conception, and Jason's birth. Yes, His promise had been fulfilled. I could trust Him to keep His promises--and to know best.

I began to smile, and I've been smiling ever since. For Jason is now a 6-foot-5-inch teenager, full of energy, fun, and great mischief. He loves to do magic tricks and we enjoy teasing him about the BIG trick he played on Mom and Dad even before he was born!

And now, I wouldn't trade my bright-eyed Jason for all the red hair-bowed Aimees in the world. And he sure would hate that red velvet dress!

Anything God does is done WELL, including surprise packages, "wrapped up in love," and tied in BLUE!

"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning (James 1:17)."

A Prayer: "Lord, thank You for Your faithfulness--Your promises and Word on which we can place our trust. May we be willing to place our total lives in Your hands knowing You do all things Your way and in Your time--and You do them well, In Jesus' Name, Amen."

All Scriptures are taken from the King James Version of the Holy Bible.

Copyright 2004 by Peggie C. Bohanon, Springfield, Mo. Used by permission.
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