tissue_boxWow, these last few weeks have been doozies!

It seems like Tim has been sick more often than not since New Years, and as much as I try to keep my distance and my health, twice now I’ve gotten at least some of what he has.  Finally our cough is subsiding (although I still think its fun when we sometimes cough in unison!) and we’re generally feeling better, although it sure doesn’t take much to be exhausted.

There’s nothing like a good dose of being sick to remember and appreciate how incredibly good it is to be healthy!  For me, sickness is always a reality check that at the end of it all I’m only as strong as God’s mercy allows.  That’s a good thing for me to keep clear in my mind.

So today, I’m thankful for energy to do some laundry, to teach piano, and perhaps do a little yard work (we have an abundance of weeds this Spring!).  I’ll go slowly and carefully to be kind to my back which is reminding me of the yard work I did yesterday.  I’ll also make a point of resting and taking care of this body I’m so dependent on.

Just wondering – do any of you use Oregano Oil?  We bought some a few weeks ago and it immediately made a difference with a sore throat I was getting, and with whatever Tim was battling at that point in time.  We were thinking it may be some kind of wonder elixir!  But with this last round of whatever got Tim and then me, it made no difference at all.  I just wonder what it’s been like for anybody else.

Simply Susan