Sandra Boyte

Sometimes in the hustle

And the bustle of the day,

I try so hard to stay afloat

That I forget to pray.

And though I know the answer

To my struggle lies in You,

Often You are the last one

That I will turn to.


When life's seas get stormy

And I feel myself fall,

I cast about for a pillar

That holds against the squall.

Till beaten, bruised, and battered

I remember You once more,

And seek the safe harbor

Found upon Your shore.

I look at the cards that I've been dealt,

And often, to my shame,

I slap my hand to the table

And want to call the game.


I say that its not fair at all

To have to play this hand

When I sat down at this table

It's not what I had planned.

This old world is gonna try

And sell you all kinda stuff

No matter how much you got

They say it's not good enough.

You gotta buy and barter

Or you will never be whole.

Sometimes they want your money,

Other times they want your soul.


But it's a lie,

And I ain't buying it.

What I've got inside,

There's no denying it.

Nothing in this world

Compares to You.

Only You are worthy,

Only You are true.

Behold the buzzing of the bee

As it flits from bough to bud

Its entire being testifies

To the wonder of God's love.


Behold the singing of the lark

As it soars up in the sky

It joyfully reminds us all

That our Savior is ever nigh.

One touch of Your hands

And the blind can see

One touch of Your hands

And the prisoner is free

With just one touch

You calm the sea

Reach out, Dear Lord

Touch me.