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Pastor Tim


My friend Julie and I were eating at a Chinese restaurant. When an elderly waiter set chopsticks at our places, Julie made a point of reaching into her purse and pulling out her own pair. "As an envi... read more..

Pastor Tim

One-liner #0923

"When I see lovers' names carved in a tree, I don't think it's cute - I just find it strange how many people have knives on a date." read more..

Clean Puns
Pastor Tim

Phone Card

I tried to call you the other day from a pay phone, but I put in my donor card instead of my calling card. It cost me an arm and a leg.      ... read more..

Pastor Tim

Quote #1371

"Worrying is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but doesn’t get you anywhere." read more..

Clean Jokes
Pastor Tim

Johnny In The Garden

Little Johnny sat playing in the garden. When his mother came out to collect him, she saw that he was slowly eating a worm. She turned pale. "No, Johnny! Stop! That's horrible! You can't eat worms!"... read more..

Moving With God
Alyssa Davis

Three Things Thursday [Vol. 19]

Ah how I love the miscellany I get to write about on Thursdays! From daily life to spiritual life to sarcastic reflections on pregnancy, it’s just so nice to have this outlet for sharing three t... read more..

Cybersalt News
Pastor Tim

Cybersalt News - August 1, 2013

Oh look, Chicken Thursday! Yes, it's been a while (May 9) since the last Cybersalt mailing.  Here are some of the highlights that kept Cybersalt Headquarters humming. Our grandson visited us fo... read more..

Pearly Gates Jokes
Pastor Tim

Practical Marriage

A Pastor was called to a local nursing home to perform a wedding.  An anxious old man met him at the door.  The pastor sat down to counsel him.  The Pastor asked several questions. ... read more..

Pastor Tim

One Nice Person

I was headed to Cincinnati Ohio. The plane was due to leave at 5pm. I was to connect to a flight from Charlotte, NC at 7:10, and from Charlotte fly to Cincinnati. It was raining. The flight was late... read more..

Pastor Tim

Quote #1370

"Do not let us mistake necessary evils for good."- C. S. Lewis read more..

Clean Puns
Pastor Tim

Type A Blood

They said I have Type A blood but it was a Type O. read more..

Pastor Tim

One-liner #0922

  “They all laughed when I said I’d become a comedian - well, they’re not laughing now!”- Bob Monkhouse   read more..

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