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November 2019

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Susan Davis

One-Liner #1425

Self-Annihilating Sentences A good system can transform complexity into chaos!... read more..

God's Penman
Rev. James L. Snyder

If Every Dog Has Its Day I Should Be Barking

Lately, I have been getting behind in my work schedule. Just when I think I am caught up, I discover something I had forgotten about. If only I could forget what I forgot, I would be happy. I am pret... read more..

Clean Jokes
Pastor Tim

Political Correctness For Kids

Your bedroom isn't cluttered; it's "passage-restrictive." Kids don't get in trouble anymore. They merely hit "social speed bumps." You're not having a bad hair day; you're suffering from "rebellious... read more..

Pastor Tim

Church Problems

I took my granddaughter to church camp for the first time last weekend. Behind the sanctuary is a restroom facility that is separate from other buildings. A common topic of conversation was a problem ... read more..

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