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Writings from various sources occasionally invited/gathered to share their devotional/commentary material.

Greg's response to a letter which asserted there is no qualitative difference between animals and humans.

Let me sum up my thinking on this. My point was not that all of math historically is discovered before any science is done. People are aware of early math --2 + 2 = 4--and they use it in the exploration of the universe. As they learn, and maybe even discover things about the universe that are not explained by math, people probe the area of math more to learn more about it. The exploration of the physical universe stimulates a pursuit of a non-physical thing, the non-physical arena of math. Math isn't physical, numbers aren't physical, plus and equal and minus aren't physical, and equations aren't physical. We write them on the board and there is a physical representation of them, but those are only tokens. Math isn't the scratch of chalk on the board. Math is the concept of the numerals in plus and minus and equal relations. So, we can explore this world much like we explore the material realm. But they are two separate disciplines. Our limitations in exploring the material realm might stimulate our exploration in the non-material realm of math so that we can be more effective at exploring the material realm. But, if math came from science, science would not be limited by the lack of development in math. You observe that there was an attempt to make some sense of the movement of the bodies in the heavens that couldn't be done because the math wasn't up to speed. If math came from science in an organic relationship, then the science couldn't be less than the math. The science would always be more than the math, if it was its parent. As it turns out, science was brought somewhat to a standstill, at least in some areas, until the math could be done that could serve the interests of science.

One of my students observed that a whole lot of folks who have gone spiritually weird seemed to start out great, but their lives as honorable Christians ended early. They found themselves unequipped to deal with the hardship and tribulation that inevitably faces every believer. They'd become ineffectual and disenchanted Christians.

Others are not sunk but hardship, but by success. At the pinnacle of their ministries they get involved in sexual immorality, misappropriate funds, or simply turn into jerks, bringing shame on the cross of Christ. They become disbarred Christian leaders expelled from the Christian community. Sometimes they even find themselves in prison.

Blue skies, bright sunshine, the color of blossoms and new growth everywhere I looked.  It was morning when all seemed well with the world.  I was returning from an early morning prayer time at the church.  Driving alone slowly ? well under the speed limit ? just enjoying the evidence of God's mighty power displayed in the beauty of springtime.

                If People came complete with theme songs ?Count your blessings? (By J.Oatman & E.O.Excell) would be mine.  When I listen to the words of this hymn I can't help but to break them down into little lessons of encouragement for myself. When you are having a bad day why don't you give it a try. Take up pen and paper and write out the good things in your life. It could be something as simple as 'received a smile from a stranger? or it could be as large as the love of a daughter, son, parent etc. 

?When upon life's billows you are tempest tossed, when you are discouraged thinking all is lost, count your many blessings, name them one by one and it will surprise you what the Lord hath done?

This morning as I was heading out for my walk, I turned left and down the street. I often go that route and I often see the evidence of the neighbourhood children at play. They love to draw and colour all over the road. This morning in front of a house was this message written in two foot high chalk letters: "We are the presents, Dad??" followed by "lol", which is internet abbreviation for ?laugh out loud?, in case you didn't know.

I smiled and thought to myself, "way to go, dad!"

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