Oh look, Chicken Thursday.

chicken thursday jan 31Just over 3 weeks ago, when we were all really distracted by another news story on January 6th, an event took place that demands Chicken Thursday attention. So today is the day.

Two chickens were reported to be harassing customers outside of a New Jersey McDonalds. They were even pecking at car tires in the parking lot!

While this was annoying for many, and probably scary for a few, can you really blame these birds for trying to rescue their kin or at least get some of their "nuggets" back? I mean, wouldn't you want someone to show up and make a fuss outside of the Soylent Green factory if you were inside? Maybe all they were doing was trying to get everyone to realize that, "Chicken Nuggets are chickens!"

It's not all bad news, though. Through my backchannel chicken contacts I have learned that these chickens both received pardons . . . .of sorts, as in, "Pardon me, would you pass the dipping sauce."


Enjoy the rest of today's mailing.

~ Pastor Tim