Oh look, Chicken Thursday!

dirty rug gets cleaned upOne of the signs that tells me I am tired and need a break is when I notice an increase in wanting to reply to some of the stupid things people post on social media. I'm not going to go into details because as my friend says to me, "Better Tim, not bitter Tim!" I know not much good comes from adding my sarcastic or trolling thoughts to the collection (as hilarious as they are, lol.)

I have also been abstaining from participating in the culture wars online. Like in any war, the objective of both sides is to beat the other side down to capitulation and then take them captive and control them. Most of the social battles our world is divided over are not going to be solved by conquering the other side. When those on both sides of an argument refuse to give even an inch, there can be no victories along the way in gaining common ground.

I would rather be 100 feet closer to someone who disagrees with me than forever 200 feet away from them. I am not arguing for compromising what one holds, I just think that by meeting in the middle, or some other point, the other side may want to travel further back with me.

Speaking of dirty stuff, today's video share is of a rug being cleaned. Don't ask me why, but I enjoyed watching "Dead Relatives Wish Was To Have This Rug Cleaned."
Click here to watch.

~ Pastor Tim