Oh look, Chicken Thursday!

Tim Susan and a white violetNo, I haven't fallen and can't get up! Our niece took this picture of Grandma Cybersalt and me as we tried to get pictures of a flower we had never seen before. This was during a stroll on a boardwalk in GooseBay-Happy Valley, Newfoundland, on our trip to the East Coast earlier this month. Susan wanted a picture because it was so tiny she could see it better on her phone, and I wanted a picture so I could ask ChatGPT what kind of flower it was (for those of you who are ornithologists, it was a White Violet.)

Today's video share is one of my all-time favourites that have been shared around since the internet was becoming a "thing." I think you will enjoy "Top Soccer Shootout Ever With Scott Sterling":
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Enjoy the rest of today's abbreviated mailing.

~ Pastor Tim