Cybersalt News - October 3, 2019

serverOh look, Chicken Thursday!

Here is a server change update: If you have an AOL, Yahoo, Verizon, or Rogers email address your newsletter arrived very late. In fact, 10% of subscribers have not yet received last Sunday's mailing. It will be this way 

Speaking of which, this week I will be moving the Cybersalt Site and Cybersalt lists to that new server. The mailings will go out under the same domain, but the IP number of that domain is going to change. This might also cause an interruption of your receiving Cybersalt mailings while servers around the world adjust to this change. Emails from me might end up in your spam folder. So if you notice things aren't arriving please have a look around.

Remember, you can always catch up on missed mailings in the online archives at:

Cybersalt Digest


Enjoy the rest of today's mailing.

~ Pastor Tim

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