Oh look, Chicken Thursday - and a happy September to you all as well!

The return of the Cybersalt Digest is a few days late due to all the fun Mrs. Cybersalt and I are having with family who are still here after last weekend's wedding.  I haven't even cracked the camera open to get a good wedding picture to share with you all.  However, I have posted a picture of the newlyweds on the Cybersalt site.  It was taken on my first generation iPhone so give a poor father of the groom a break.

There is a new entry in the Funblog today.  If you enjoyed seeing the school bus jump over the cars you will probably enjoy "Big Rig School Bus Jump" at:

For those of you not into stuff being flipped over, perhaps this inspiring video of something being set right will be more your speed.  You will find "A Little Help From My Friend" at:

Enjoy the rest of today's mailing.