More Funny Pictures

  • watertanks

    Hot and Cold Water Tanks

    With three teenagers showering before him in the morning, Jack finally eventually got fed…
  • Funny Cat Pictures -  in SCUBA gear.

    Cat Scuba

    Snuffles was finally going to put an end to the arrogance of those fish in the aquarium.
  • A funny bike picture

    Bike Lock Sandals

    Randy's heart wasn't in theft prevention - but his soles were.
  • Funny Pictures of Pavement Rollar Flipped Over

    Paver Flip

    Juan's foreman harshly reprimanded him for taking that corner at 3 miles per hour.
  • Funny Pictures of Van Duct Tape Rear Window

    Duct Tape Window

    For every broken window there is a silver lining.


These are some of our favorite cartoons.

This Christian advice cartoon features Dear Crabby counseling someone regarding New Years Resolutions.



This article page is a close encounter cartoon featuring an astronaut meeting an angel during a space walk

lotto volunteers


This article page features a draft lottery used to address the need for volunteers in church


this article page is to feature the power of prayer faith to cast a mountain into the sea as taught by Jesus in Mark 11:23

winter scripture


a scripture capturing the frame of mind of most minnesota residents in the winter months


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