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oldertim148What's a Goober?

Often, after reading a joke on my site or in one of my humor lists, people e-mail me and ask, "Pastor Tim, what's a Goober?"

To satisfy many people's curiosity, I've included a picture of one here. Yes, you guessed it - that's me (well a much younger me at this point.)

We've all been Goobers at one point or another in our lives by doing things that looked like we had disconnected from whatever intelligence we possess.

Goober is a term that I substitute into jokes that feature blondes, terms of ethnicity, and the like. That way we can laugh without having to risk hurting someone.

Contrary to what some have accused, my using the term Goober is not a slur against people lacking in intelligence. It's just a way to laugh at ourselves and the silly things we sometimes do (even though some goober jokes feature things so stupid nobody would do them.)

So when you see Goober in a joke have a laugh - maybe even at yourself.

facebook 199x75The purpose of this page is to demonstrate the number of FaceBook social plugins available to put on your Joomla site.

Cybersalt uses the JFBConnect extension for easily putting FaceBook social plugins on a Joomla site.

If you wish any of these social plugins to appear on a Joomla site that Cybersalt is building for you please let us know the names of the modules you wish.

If you want to hire us to help put these on a Joomla site you have built or own, please contact us - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

JotCache is a great extension that helps Joomla sites - especially large ones - run quickly and deliver faster page load speeds.  This video will tell you more.

Joomla comes with a built in media manager that's pretty basic but effective for uploading and organizing the media you use in your articles. 

Some of our clients ask us to get their site installed and going so they can continue to design it themselves.

This tutorial demonstrates to such clients how they can edit the template CSS when the changes they wish are not options available in the template admin area.


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