I've already told you about my first guitar lesson (on an accordian), so now let me tell you about my piano lesson.

A long time ago, in a land far away, I met and fell in love with a beautiful maiden - a piano teaching maiden to be exact.  As we grew closer I told here I thought it would be fun for her to teach me to play the piano, and so my first lesson began.  Things were going not too badly until she told me my arms were too tense.  So I tried to relax them.  Again, "Relax your arms,"she said while tapping them gently.  I tried again.  "Relax your arms." I tried again.  "Relax your arms."  I tried again and again and again until I was so tense trying to relax my arms I turned to the dear girl and explained that perhaps it would be better for us if I didn't learn the piano from her.

Twenty-two years later, we are still together and I still can't play the piano - though I am proud to say that I can play better than this cat.