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  • Funny Pictures of a Cat Chasing a Deer

    Cat Chase

    John Deer Gets Chased By A Cat. (Pun Intended)
  • chickenmom

    Chicken and Man Look-A-Like

    Are you my mother?
  • haircut

    Plant Haircut

    Technical directors sure have some cool haircuts.
  • Funny Picture of kid in aquarium

    Kid Tank

    Jeremy grew up, joined the armyand served in a tank division.
  • stockboy

    Stock Boy

    Hmmmm, Let's see . . . . Toys R Us is up 3/4, Pampers is down 1/2, Wow! Playschool is…

Nobody really expected the stork would agree to take Johnny back on warranty.

Funny Pictures of Stork With Kid In Beak

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