I just got back from a trip to Missouri for a funeral. My uncle passed away. My Uncle Leon Ammons was in the ministry for longer than I've been alive! He never stopped witnessing.

The funeral was so long as each of the (5) speakers were also ministers. Each one was to say a word but they all ended up preaching a full sermon. Then at the grave site another minister preached and had us sing three hymns. My uncle had a military funeral. When the soldiers were to present the flag to my aunt, one turned the wrong way and started to march away, realized his mistake, said a bad word and quickly turned about. He was mortified.

I rode up with my brother & sister. They both drive like maniacs. A driver of a big rig saved our lives once. Barb was doing about 80, not really paying attention except to yell, "Go faster or get out of the way!" Our lane was shut down and she never noticed until the big rig driver swerved toward us to get her attention. Of course she yelled at him. "He's trying to kill us!" I said, "No our lane is blocked!" Barb says "What do I do?" all the while speeding up. My brother very calmly said, "Slow down."

My sis is very hyper, outspoken, a little unpredictable, not a Christian... My brother is very calm but still drives like a maniac. He always says, "I have plenty of time." He nearly rear ended a car that was sitting at a red light. I said as calmly as I could, "Are you even going to stop?" After he SLAMMED on his brakes, he said " I was wondering why you were making all those faces. Maybe I need to put a brake on your side." Once he nearly killed us on the highway, cars were scattering over to the shoulder, my sister yelled, be careful, I won't go to heaven if we crash!" She knows... I have already figured out that I won't be the one to win her for Christ. I've tried. SHe says, she wishes she could believe like I do. She obviousley believes the bible is God's true Word but she doesn't like being told by anyone what to do.Forget the ten commandments! She loves the shock effect.

I wasn't driving because I was in pain from a ruptured disc. Regardless I will either drive or fly. I won't be taking trips w/ them. I called my husband from the hotel. He said how much he missed me and couldn't wait until I got home. I told him that he had no idea.

I prayed most of the trip. I told God " Lord, I'm not one of those people that just pray when they are driving through treacherous mountains or storms. I pray all they time and you know my voice. Please hear me and keep us safe. Many, many times I prayed.

That night at the hotel I had just fallen asleep when the people upstairs came in. I guess it was after midnight. They stomped back & forth to the bathroom non-stop for three hours. First I prayed, Lord, apparently they have diarrhea, please heal them." After a long while I prayed, "Lord, good thing I'm not you! I would have already broken their ankles."

The family is supposed to drive to Broken Bow labor day weekend. I'm staying home. I think there is something broken around the house somewhere and I need to take care of it right away.