Sunday greetings everyone!

Here at Cybersalt World Headquarters, Grandma Cybersalt and I have been staying safe at home for a month now. It looks like we have at least another 4 weeks before our province may begin to relax some restrictions. We're OK with that - after all,  you wear parachute all the way to the ground, not until it's slowed you down quite a bit.

Still, waiting is not always easy and that's why I thought I'd share the following song this week:

Rev. James Snyder and his wife have been spending a lot of time alone together with the food she cooks. You can read "Time Alone Is Time Invested" at:

Enjoy the rest of today's mailing!

~ Pastor Tim

Chicken Thursday Richard TOh look, Chicken Thursday!

Thanks to Richard T. for another chicken picture! He saw this chicken crossing the road - I don't know why, but he may have just tried to eat that bug.

A while ago, I mentioned that Cybersalt is training a persecuted Christian to be able to make web pages as a source of income for his family and to ultimately train others to do the same in his country. He has just helped out by working on his first Cybersalt project.

A walking club asked for the information from their very old website (built in a system no longer being supported) and make them a WordPress site. They didn't have a huge budget for all the work to be done, so they asked for the very basic structure and some video training tutorials so they could work on the the rest. Our trainee did a bunch of the work recreating their pages to give them a good foundation to build on.

That new site is now live at: www.victoriapathfinders.ca. The walking club still have much of their work to do including getting a new logo designed for them, which I will add to the site when it is ready. You can still see the old website at gardencitywanderers.ca 

I'm looking for more projects to train our protege on. If you have one please reply to this email and let me know.

Wash your hands, keep safe and enjoy the rest of today's mailing!

~ Pastor Tim

Resurrection Sunday greetings everyone: the Lord is risen!

This pandemic has reminded us how we are incapable of hanging on to even the most precious of people in our lives, let alone the very vainest of things such as sports, entertainment, success, fame, etc. If a virus from an unsanitary market in a faraway land can take it away from you, it doesn't deserve the devotion of your life. The resurrection of Jesus reminds us that He alone is worthy of that.

When the plates in your life are all falling down, remember that Jesus love you and is calling you into His arms.

Enjoy the rest of today's mailing!

~ Pastor Tim

Chicken Thursday Marcia LOh look, Chicken Thursday!

Thanks to our friend Marcia L. for today's chicken picture. Here is her note about it:

Hi Tim – as I was reading Cybersalt today I realized I have a chicken pic I could send you! The attached is a snap of a painting done in Rosebud, Alberta to advertise the play, Chickens, by Lucia Frangione, performed there in 2014. It’s a hilarious and poignant play about the struggles on a chicken farm. All the characters are chickens, by the way. Never laughed so hard!

Also, thanks to Peg M. for letting me know that someone has been spoofing emails from me and spreading links to buy Cannabis Oil (CBD Oil.) Email spoofing is when someone sends out an email that looks like it is from someone else but it is not. If you get an email from me selling CBD you can know it's not from me because:
- My server security is set up so that nobody else can send to this list through the approved Cybersalt server. If you look at the headers of your email you will see it does not come from Cybersalt.
- Due to the pandemic, my supply of CBD Oil has been cut off.

Finally, you may have noticed that today is issue #4538 while Sunday's issue was #4536. It turns out I accidentally repeated issue numbers back in, get this, November! I repeated #4503 on November 17 and 21. So some day if you are playing trivial pursuit the answer is "4537."

Wash your hands, keep safe and enjoy the rest of today's mailing!

~ Pastor Tim

Palm Sunday Greetings everyone!

As we enter into Holy Week, most of us do so unable to gather together with others. Of course that is nothing new for many of Jesus' followers who have ill health or live in areas of great persecution toward Jesus's followers, but for many of us this Easter is going to be very different. Let's make the most of this opportunity, forced upon us by dark times, to connect in a fresh way with what no virus can take away from those who follow Jesus. Truly, everything we will miss about this Easter has nothing to do with Easter.

On this Palm Sunday, 2020, all glory, laud and honour to you Redeemer King!

Rev. James Snyder is prone to sneezing and is very aware of the attention that draws to him. You can read, "Have Nose, Will Sneeze" at:

Enjoy the rest of today's mailing!

~ Pastor Tim

chicken thursday April 2 Richard TOh look, Chicken Thursday!

Thanks to Richard T. for today's chicken picture. It was obviously taken before the days of social distancing - step back from the chicken, Richard!!!

The pandemic has made life harder for all, including those for whom life was already extremely hard. Last week we were contacted by a refugee who can no longer even work illegally in the country he has fled to because it is now on lock-down for weeks. He is actually a refugee we have been able to find a church who is trying to sponsor him to be resettled, but that process is going to be delayed even longer because interviews are on hold too. Thanks to your support through the Body of Christ Connection, we were able to help him in this desperate time.

Wash your hands, keep safe and enjoy the rest of today's mailing!

~ Pastor Tim

Oh look, Chicken Thursday!

I am often embarrassed by some of the stuff that is put out there in the name of Jesus and His church. Not so with this wonderful video:

Enjoy the rest of today's mailing!

~ Pastor Tim


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