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Thank you to all our vets for their sacrifice and service!

award129The Cybersalt Award is presented to web sites that make a positive influence on the internet for Jesus Christ.

Jesus teaches his followers to be the salt of the earth. Cybersalt award recipients, through their web pages, have clearly demonstrated their desire to fulfill that command by being cyber-salt in the cyber-world.

Here's an important story on another way to keep your kids safe online.  This time it's how you may be using the Internet that is putting them at risk.

Like the description says, "Be a lifesaver; not a bystander. Learn Continuous Chest Compression CPR from Gordon A. Ewy, MD, and Karl Kern, MD, the physician researchers who developed this new approach to CPR."


Your hair clippings can help clean up oil spills.  Check out this video and then check out the web site on how you can help.

2010 is the 100th anniversay of the Canadian Navy and since I live in the city that is home to Canada's Pacific Fleet I'm excited about some of the festivities that are planned.

On Tuesday the Navy marched downtown and was granted "Freedom of the City" by the mayor. Many of those in uniform had rifles equipped with bayonnets so asking for it really just a moot point.

Anyway, Susan and I went downtown to watch the parade and were quite impressed. Here is some of the video I shot (Youtube restricts uploads to 10 minutes and it took 14 for the parade to pass) that will help you get a perspective of just how many marched - complete with some shots showing just how far the parade stretched.

Please note - I just re-uploaded this video in hi-def.
Youtube is processing it now so if it seems very low in quality
please check back in a little bit.

The Yowza hh! Riddle ExplainedIn yesterday's  newsletter mailings I gave the following riddle:

Some sleepy time not so long ago it was "Yowsa ho" but today it is "Yowsa hh".
How old am I today?

Congratulations to everyone who figured it out.  Here's the answer and the story behind it.

Today my church (Westside Bible Church) had a Pastor Appreciation event after the morning service.  Part of the festivities was the following video which both appreciates and roasts me.  The heavy beer drinker part falls under the "roast" category.