37 Plus 22 Equals Short Night For Pastor Tim

Pastor Tim Davis, known at Western Speedway as the Pastor of Disaster, was slightly injured last night during the first lap of the A heat in the Claimer Division.

Davis, who was driving back-up for Driver Chris Broughton in the #37 SOS Auto, Voortmans Cookies, Bridge Street Brake and Muffler, Cybersalt.org Chevy Malibu, was entering turn four when two cars made contact and began to spin in front of him.  Pausing briefly to ensure the cars had spun away from the groove, Davis got on the gas to keep up with race leaders.  Un benownst to the Disastrous one, the driver of the 22 car (now on the infield grass) had also hammered the gas, launching himself back out onto the track in a looping, clockwise spin.

As the left rear quarter panel of the 22 car whipped around in front of, and towards, the 37 car, Tim had no time or chance to avoid the collision - plowing into the 22 at full throttle.  With heavy front damage to the left front brakes, steering, rad, and frame, #37's evening ended on the hook of the Speedway towtruck.  The #22 was able to drive to the pits for some extensive "That will do" bodywork and went on to race in the main event at the end of the night.

Neither drivers experienced serious injury, although Pastor Tim did receive a pretty good ankle injury when the frame of the 37 was pushed back the floorboard of the racecar right where he had the pedal to the metal - jarring his ankle and launching his foot into the brake pedal.  He should be ok after a couple of days of keeping it rested and elevated - a reality witnessed today at Westside Bible Church when Tim sat on a stool for part of his sermon.

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