1.  "A man's life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth." Luke 12:15 requested.
    2. What are people talking about these days? "Things" Listen to their conversation. Things they just bought, things they hope to buy and things that they possess or want.

Now lets talk about things that we need; we have bodies that need to be fed, clothed, and housed. We do need material things for the protection of health and for some degree of comfort in living. But we do not need an abundance of things. It is utter foolish to think that our life and enjoyment of life depends upon the abundance of things which we possess. The man who thought this, Jesus calls a fool. And fools today are all they who think that if only they had more money with which to buy more things, they would be happier.

For man has a soul as well as a body. And the material things of earth cannot satisfy the soul. "The world passeth away and things perish; or we are separated from them by death. Then what? To the man in Christ's parable, the man who expected to find satisfaction in bigger crops and larger barns, God said: "Thou fool, this night thy soul shall be required of thee."

Christian friends, Worldly minded individuals are never satisfied. Let us not fret about losing what we have and worry that we won't be around long enough to enjoy it all. Let us not fail to recognize that true happiness is found in the spiritual, not material. Let us be satisfied and rejoice in the LORD and grateful for whatever He give us. Let us live by faith and have eternal hope and then we can be truly contented. The highest quality of life does not come by acquiring things but by depending on the LORD.

We leave earth's joys to seek in God
What this world cannot give;
When fellowship with Him is found,
We then begin to live.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY - How empty is the life that's filled with things.( This reminds me I need to clean the car shed and basement and get rid of "Things"