"Therefore God has highly exalted Him. Phil. 2:9     

Don't we all like to see a winner? Millions delight in the victory over a cure for a disease that has taken much research.     

God gives us great joy in seeing the victory of Jesus Christ. "God has highly exalted Him." He who humbled Himself to die on the cross has now been lifted to rule over all. He who passed through death has risen to conquer. He who gave up His status of majesty is now exalted as King of kings. His name is above every name, for He is Jesus Christ the LORD.       

His humble obedience and His glorious exaltation include us. Every sinful tendency has been overcome by Him. The weakness of thoughtless words and the power of evil feelings are under His control. This truly is a faithful Savior and a powerful LORD in Christ Jesus.     

Christian friends,   Anticipate the indescribable glory of that day when every knee will bow and every tongue, by glad choice or by divine constraint, will praise that highest and holiest of all names,, Jesus!  

The name of Jesus is so sweet,                                                                                               I love its music to repeat,                                                                                                         It makes my joy full and complete,                                                                            The precious name of Jesus.  

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY - The name of Jesus is profanity to the sinner, but heaven's password to the Saint.