Good June Morning 6-6-08

"O Thou that hearest prayer, unto Thee shall all flesh come." Psalm 65:2    

It is a noisy world we live in, with TV, radio, cell phones, traffic noises, bells, whistles and the shrieking of children at play.    

When Jesus moved among men, He heard the hum of human life around Him. These took on a special meaning for the Him, for He had come to share fully the life of fallen sinful man.    

His ears heard words of human kindness, love, cheer, and comfort. But they also heard many words spoken in anger, lust, envy, selfishness and blasphemy. These were but some of the sins for which He made atonement.    

Often His ears heard a call for help, for forgiveness, for divine guidance and comfort. His ears were sensitive to such sounds. The cry of one lone beggar in the crowded streets of Jericho was enough to stop Him in His tracks. The unspoken cry of a little man in a sycamore tree prompted Jesus to look up and say, "Zaccheus, make haste and come down; for today I must abide in your house." Even on the cross His ears were quick to hear the cry of the lonely heart, "Lord remember me when Thou comest into Thy kingdom.    

Christian friends, On His throne of glory Jesus continues to listen for the call for help coming from the hearts of us who believe in Him. His ears are always open to our prayers.  

Yes, dear one, your prayers are heeded                                                         Quicker than the thought takes flight;                                                                 They will reach the throne in heaven,                                                                 Since they are our LORD'S delight.  

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY - When we bend our knees to pray, God bends His ear to listen.