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I wonder if it's safe to leave my house these days. On Canada's west coast we are constantly hearing about the Big One, the cataclysmic earthquake that supposedly is waiting to hurl us all into the sea. The climate is changing and the ozone is disappearing.
So why is it okay for her to state her offense to me, yet it is not okay for me to make a principled point about a moral issue because it offended her personally?


I just got back from San Antonio yesterday and had some important conversations with a Baptist church out there, taught on Friday night and Saturday morning on "Tactics in Defending the Faith." It was almost all high-schoolers and college kids.

I had a conversation today that I wish you could have eavesdropped on. It was that precious. I was preparing for the show about an hour ago at my home and I heard a knock at the door. There was a gentleman who had something to sell. Fortunately, it was a bona fide product, it had genuine value to me. He wasn't knocking on my door offering me some lousy chocolate so that he could go to Disneyland and not spray paint my wall. No, it was the real McCoy. In fact, it was a product I had used in the past and I thought it was great, so he got three sentences into his presentation and I said, "Hey, how much is it and where do I sign?" I had him come in and wrote him a check right then.

What do you say when someone throws the "But abortion is legal" mantra at you?

Let me begin by telling you a little about a piece from the L.A. Times last Friday, February 17. It's entitled "War Against a Woman's Right." Obviously, it is about abortion because women's rights now pretty much focus on the issue of abortion. This is an editorial piece that reflects on some recent fires at abortion clinics. It makes a couple of comments.

Sometimes the simplest questions?questions that seem so basic we never expect them to be asked? can stop us in our tracks if we're not equipped to engage them.

For example, central to the Gospel is the notion of "goodness." God is good; we're not good. God's goodness prompts Him to rescue us from our non-goodness, our sin. Seems clear enough.

To some people, though, it is not clear at all. Something so central to Christianity is hopeless vague to them: What is "good"?

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