office womanMy husband works in a former supermarket that was remodeled to accommodate professional offices. One day he overheard his receptionist giving directions over the phone.

"Remember the old grocery store?" she asked the caller. "Well, you'll find us in the meat department."

ambulanceMy mom, a nurse, was having an insane evening in the emergency room. First, a woman who had delivered her baby in a car was rushed in. Next was a man carrying a lifeless body yelling, "Help me!" In the middle of all this, a patient escaped from the psychiatric ward, tore off her clothes, and went running through the halls naked.

During a lull, Mom called home. "You wouldn't believe the night I'm having," she said to my dad.

"Can't talk now," he interrupted. "I'm watching ER."

quote 1827

The greatest gift I ever had came from God. I call him "Dad."

- Unknown

 quote 1826

Two things are said to be rare sights in the world;
one is a young man humble, and the other is an old man content.

- J. C. Ryle

softballI was the new coach of a Little League baseball team and had not yet learned the names of my players.

At our first game, I called each boy by the number on his uniform. When I yelled, "Number 5, your time to bat," Jeffrey came to the plate. When I called for "Number 7," Tyler jumped up. Then I yelled for "Number 1" but no one emerged from the dugout. Again I called for Number 1. Still, no one came forward.

As the umpire looked on, annoyed at this delay of the game, I shouted; "Who's number 1?"

That's when the whole team yelled, "We are, Coach! We are!"


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