chicken thursday feb 14Oh look, a very rare Valentine's Chicken Thursday!

I realize Valentine's Day isn't always an easy day. Whether it is for you or not, give Psalm 91 a read today and try to spot the "chickenish" part that is a comfort to all!

Enjoy the rest of today's mailing!

~ Pastor Tim

stutterSunday greetings everyone!

The Body of Christ closed FaceBook group is a place where we post updates and prayer requests for the refugees we are supporting in various ways.

While Rev. James Snyder always wants to tell the truth, stuttering remains an option. You can read "Have Mouth, Will Stutter" at:

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chicken thursday feb 7Oh look, Chicken Thursday!

We actually are getting some cold weather here at Cybersalt World Headquarters so we are trying to stay all snug and warm like today's chicken. I hope you are too!

Enjoy the rest of today's mailing!

~ Pastor Tim

blue lady's embroidered hand bagSunday greetings everyone!

I'm happy to announce a new way you can help refugees and persecuted Christians through Cybersalt. Most of you are familiar with the Be a Billionaire fundraiser that helps support Christians who have fled persecution. You can now also help Christians living in persecution by purchasing items they have crafted directly from them.

Currently, there is only one item type available: an embroidered lady's handbag. These traditional bags are individually made from locally sourced cloth and tastefully embedded with mirrors by highly skilled and fascinatingly creative people who belong to poor, rural families. Right now each bag purchased will include an embroidered scarf and bracelet that goes with the colour you choose when ordering.

Rev. James Snyder recently enjoyed some vacation time recently. Along the way he encountered some very interesting drivers and vehicles. You can read "Now Do You Feel like a Big Boy?" at:

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chicken thursday jan 31Oh look, Chicken Thursday!

A few weeks back I preached at the church Susan and I have been attending since I retired from local church pastoring. You can listen to "The Very Thing" at:

Enjoy the rest of today's mailing!

~ Pastor Tim

cow jokeSunday greetings everyone!

On the Cybersalt Site, this week we learn about Rev. James Snyder's mid-January New Year's Resolutions status. You can read "The End of all Nonsense and Other Practical Jokes" at:

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dessertSunday greetings everyone!

This week we read about Rev. James Snyder's willingness to embrace a second childhood. You can read "Why Childhood is Better the Second Time Around" at:

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chicken thursday jan 17Oh look, Chicken Thursday!

Enjoy the rest of today's mailing!

~ Pastor Tim


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Pastor Ti has done some car racing so here's a look back and the career of "The Pastor of Disaster."


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