Davis Family News

Clayton and Rebecca DavisCongratulations to the newlyweds,  Mr. and Mrs. Clayton and Rebecca Davis.

Clayton and Rebecca were married today at St. Mary's Anglican Church in Nanoose, British Columbia.

claytonandrebeccaengnewsPastor Tim and Susan are happy and excited to announce the engagement of their son, Clayton, to Rebecca.

The happy couple are planning to marry at the end of August.

God bless both of them!


Jordan River Ice Cream
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Susan and I celebrated our 24th anniversary on Monday - and we celebrated in style at the best dining establishment in  downtown Jordan River.  No, not that Jordan River - this one.

Actually, we were a bit disappointed because it turned out that the place we really wanted to go to has shut down.  I was hoping to enjoy a nice meal of chicken fingers, but I know others who have enjoyed the place's "potato wedgies" - which, frankly, sounds mighty uncomfortable to me.

So instead we made do with two $3.00 single scoop ice cream cones because sometimes you can't have memories unless you make them!


Susan and Tim at a Reception
Susan at Reception with Mod Squad Throwback.
Thanks to Shirley who took this picture of Susan and me at a reception we attended.

That leather coat I am wearing was my dad's.  Many years ago he was getting rid of it because it was out of style (the 80s did that to a lot of 70's fashion).  I took it off his hands because it was leather and I was a teenager.

I'm told it is back in style now - though I've worn it for years not caring if it was or not. As you can see, Susan is happy it's back in style as she is often seen in public with me.

But hey, who do I have to impress? I've got the girl!