SkyLook is a fun program that records your online discussions over SKYPE .  Now you can save recordings of your business meeting conversations and family visits online. 

I spend a lot of time talking on SKYPE with my friends and family.

My daughter is away at college and I've recorded a number of fun conversations we've had with her.  One time we called her to tell her to check her e-mail while she was talking with us on SKYPE.  Her car was back from being painted and we had e-mailed her pictures of it. By using Skylook to record the call, we now have a wonderful recording of her excitement.

Another time we recorded a conversation together about a boy she likes at her school.  Because my wife was not home at the time, I was able to reply the conversation she would have heard if she had been able to.

I recently called my friend, Jaun, to record a test conversation for you to listen to as an example of Skylook's recording quality.  You can listen to it by clicking "Call With Juan"

You can try Skylook for free by clicking on the graphic below. 






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