sad v awesomeI came across this picture on the internet and decided it was worth sharing. To be fair, when I get sad, I usually stay sad for a while, and I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Your brain can do some crazy stuff if you make a habit of repressing emotions. But this quote got me thinking, and I was hoping to post today, so here come 3 ways to be awesome instead of sad:

  1. Pick one thing (or three!) that you love about yourself. Sappy? Only if you make it sappy!
    For example, something sappy I love about myself is my inner beauty. Something awesome I love about myself is being able to write acrostic poems for any occasion:

    Sometimes, I
    Actually want to
    Die, but

    Pondering death’s
    Permanence, I
    Yearn to live after all

    Bam! See #3

  2. Pick one thing (or three!) you are grateful for. Cheesy? Only if you make it cheesy!
    For example, something cheesy I am grateful for is my fantastic family – they are not to be taken for granted. Something awesome I am grateful for is being able to walk up the stairs 11 floors to our apartment if necessary. I am grateful not to have to shave my face. I am grateful not to be lactose-intolerant (insert tub of ice cream here)
  3. Do something creative or constructive. This will cheer you up better and for longer than the internet or video games. If you play an instrument, break it out; make a collage or learn to knit; do a sports drill or write a poem.

If all else fails, do some star jumps. I can’t imagine staying sad while doing star jumps. Or if you physically can’t do star jumps, watch that video and imagine doing star jumps.

Used With Permission