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This is Alyssa Sampson's blog.  She is Pastor Tim's daughter.

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Hello Readers!
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FG_AUTHORS: Alyssa Davis

This week has been filled with fun and exciting, non-blogging activities! We've been eating well, playing board games, going on adventures downtown and soaking up sun. Also, Esther has been working on a new site to host my blog, so I'm looking forward to hopefully making that transition soon and getting off blogspot :)

FG_AUTHORS: Alyssa Davis

I was really impressed with how my church handled Mother's Day this year - it's easy for the women in a congregation to be divided into mothers and non-mothers, but this can be really hurtful to women who may be struggling with infertility or who have lost pregnancies, those who deeply desire to be mothers but aren't yet,...

FG_AUTHORS: Alyssa Davis

I didn't think anything much of the email from Matt that popped up on my screen at work today: the subject was Car, and I hoped that ours was still running. I was fairly sure I hadn't brought the keys to work (again).
It turns out our car was broken into last night. We lost CDs, some fishing gear, a GPS, and our blue disco...

I’m hoping this post will be part one of a series on Simple Spirituality. But I don’t have the other posts written yet, so that is a gamble. It would be so nice if it happens though! One step at a time :)

I don’t know how I learned to fear God – not the reverent fear, but the always-unsettled fear, the everything-good-could-be-taken-away-in-a-second fear, that “God can use all things for good” was a threat, not a promise – but somewhere along the way, I did. And then somewhere along the way, I had to unlearn that fear and put trust in its place, and God is still helping me to do that daily, monthly, on and on. Because he CAN use all things for good, this I now believe. But that doesn’t mean he does bad things just to show off all the good he can bring from them. Which is what I used to be afraid was true.