Thankfully, pumpkin week is over, and I can now enjoy 7 days of imagining my baby as a watermelon. Watermelons are way better than pumpkins because they are oblong and don’t come with brutal stems.

39 WeeksI’m still having lots of braxton-hicks, but I don’t think the Truck is in any hurry to make an appearance. I am GRATEFUL to have chiropractic benefits through my work because I can’t imagine how uncomfortable I would be by this point if I wasn’t getting fixed up twice a week. It’s not in this picture, but I’m now wearing a scarf tied around my hips to help stabilize my pelvis and keep my lower back a little happier. A few people have asked me if it’s for fashion, but it’s actually a recommendation from my chiropractor that has been a big help the last few days.

The other plus side of seeing the chiropractor is the chance to practice my pain-coping techniques! I don’t generally get adjusted (ie. bones cracked), but there is a lot of soft tissue work (ie. really painful massage) that has been really effective for managing my pain and helping me move around as normally as possible. Of course, it reduces my pain after the appointment – while I’m actually being treated it can be as painful as I can possibly imagine. Of course, sometimes it’s as painful as I can imagine and then it gets a little worse. So I know that labour and delivery will most likely still be worse, but I’m also comfortable with sucking it up. Basically twice a week I get to practice taking pain, and conveniently that relieves my day-to-day aches and pains. Also, I hardly yell about the pain, I mostly go to my happy place and focus on keeping everything relaxed. We’ll see how that works out for me in labour :)

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