What I'm Into Vol. 1

I'm not always that into stuff. Life happens day by day, framed by work and chores, commuting and running errands. But. I don't know whether it was the super-duper Christmas AND New Year's long weekends or just having some down time in general, but I have expanded my horizons people! Yes, I have found time to participate in culture. And I love it! So please enjoy this peek at three of the things I am currently into:

I'm reading Anne of Green Gables. I downloaded the first two books for free to my ereader after Christmas and soaked them up like comfort food for my soul. I cried when Matthew died like I always do, and I need to get my act together to put the third book on hold at the library so it will be ready as soon as I finish Anne of Avonlea!

I'm watching Lie to Me.What I'm Into Vol. 1All three seasons are on Netflix, so Matt and I are making our way through the show, loving the humour, the twists, and most of all discovering expressions in people's faces in real life that we wouldn't have noticed before!

I'm listening to Milow. And oh my goodness am I glad I discovered this Belgian singer! It happened very much by accident because I was trying to find this song which has been stuck in my head thanks to Matt's Shaun White snowboarding game. So I searched for "born in the eighties" and Milow has a song with that title, which I listened to, figured out was NOT what I was looking for, but in a deeper sense it was EXACTLY what I was looking for! He even has a song called Canada!

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