Moving With God

This is Alyssa Sampson's blog.  She is Pastor Tim's daughter.

I was hanging out with Torre the other day (as I do every day now) and got a little nostalgic thinking about how quickly he’ll grow up. He already holds his head up when we hold him against our chests, and he is so strong in body and will that I doubt it will be long before he can roll over and crawl around and start causing mischief. Part...

My baby is one month old today! This must be the fastest a month has ever passed in my life, and I know it’s only a taste of what’s to come.

One MonthI am mind-blown,
since he came into the world,
this son in my arms,
who grew in my belly.
How can it be
that every person on the planet came from a seed
planted in a womb,
nourished by blood, and

In the basement of our apartment building there is a “free room” where tenants leave stuff they don’t want and other tenants take it for themselves. Sometimes books or magazines get shared through the free room, or clothes/household items are left for someone who has use for them. With the eclectic mix of people and families in...

Matt was home a bit longer than usual this morning, which meant I had time not only to eat breakfast but also to read my Bible! I read the first part of Joshua 8 – God’s instructions for the Israelites to ambush a city that had brutally defeated them in Joshua 7. The first time the Israelites attacked the city of Ai, they didn’t...

My due date (Feb. 7) passed without any excitement other than preparing for my parents’ arrival from Victoria, BC. I spent the day taking it easy at home, then walked with Kristen over to the house where she’s staying for my parents’ visit. We had tea and chatted, then I headed home to wait for Matt and my parents to come from...