Every handy person needs two things in in their toolbox - WD40 and Duct Tape.

Basically, if it doesn'tmove but is supposed to, use WD40 to fix it.

If it does move and doesn't - use Duct Tape to fix it.  Oh yeah, apparently you can use duct tape for fashion too. 



Here's a page especially for you if you feel under appreciated. As you will eventually see - it's a Hallmark moment.

Have you ever been over appreciated? Get Ready.

Like Burger King says, "Have it your way!" So, tell the subservient chicken what to do and he'll probably do it. 

I think Dr. Phil had something to do with helping this chicken get over his cockiness. Ask him to get on a stainless steel barb-b-que and that may be a different story.


Ok, this seems really strange until you figure out what company is behind this. You might think it was Remmington Razors or maybe even Shick Razors but you'd be wrong. 

BTW, no Yetis were hurt in the production of this web site. Yeah, this is strange. 



When you were little did you every have an elderly relative (ah, sweet memories of family holiday vacations) tweak your nose and claim to have it in their hand?

Has a cat ever gotten your tongue?

Well, watch out for your cursor with the guy below.

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